Ultra diversified Hedge Fund investing

DynamiteF3 is an exempted company established under the laws of the Cayman Islands under the provisions of the Companies Law (2004 Revision) of the Cayman Islands.  The fund is currently not registered for public distribution nor regulated by any regulator in any jurisdiction.  Interests in the fund are offered by way of private placement to a small number of investors without any public offering. 

The contents of this website are for information purposes only and are not to be construed as a recommendation or advice to any prospective investor in relation to the subscription, purchase, holding or disposition of shares in the DynamiteF3 fund. 

Investment Philosophy

The DynamiteF3 fund is an ultra-diversified hedge fund investment.   We invest in a diversified portfolio hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, providing investors access to over one hundred hedge fund investments.  We believe that our investment approach can produce highly attractive returns, whilst protecting investors from the dangers of fund and strategy specific risks.

Our investment philosophy is to manage investors’ money as if it was our own.   We believe that the benefits of hedge fund investing can greatly outweigh the risks when investments are carefully chosen and risks are managed effectively.  Our principal investment objective is to achieve consistently high risk-adjusted returns with lower risk than is generally produced by other fund of hedge fund investments. 

We aim to deliver consistently high risk-adjusted returns by carefully selecting funds that we believe will generate exceptional returns in the future, and building a portfolio of funds that have low correlation with each other, and which perform well during different market conditions. We look to provide investors value by having competitive fees given the performance of the fund and by negotiating special investment terms with underlying funds. 

The DynamiteF3 fund looks to produce superior risk-adjusted returns by:

Selecting Exceptional Managers

We employ a rigorous manager selection process to identify talented managers. We look for managers who have a high level of integrity and professionalism, original investment strategies and the ability to generate outstanding returns.  We work with managers with strong operations and risk management controls, who are able to provide a sufficient level of transparency for our risk assessment.

Creating Efficient Portfolios

Our ultra-diversified portfolio is designed to provide investors attractive returns whilst limiting investment risk. This is achieved by blending together a wide range of different strategies, focusing on different markets and geographical regions.  A moderate amount of leverage is used to enhance the performance of the resulting portfolio.  Leverage is controlled to ensure that the risk profile of the portfolio satisfies our investment targets.

Protecting Capital Value

We take great care to protect the value of our investments.  We limit the amount of the portfolio allocated to different funds in order to reduce manager and strategy specific risks.  Risk factors affecting the portfolio are analysed on an ongoing basis and changes to portfolio allocations are made as necessary.  We continually monitor our investments and review investment managers on an on going basis. Funds that under-perform are removed from our portfolio.

Refining Investment Allocations

We are continually looking to refine our investment allocation procedures to improve the future performance of the fund.   Our portfolio construction methods and investment approach are continually reviewed and refined.  Research activities are focused on analysing risk factors and investment trends to improve the risk return characteristics of the fund.  We cultivate relationships with existing investment managers to understand the challenges facing their business, and build relationships with new managers in our search for the latest investment opportunities.   


Sales and marketing information may be obtained from:

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